Dr Nantheera Anantrasirichai (Pui)

Senior Lecturer

1.23, One Cathedral Square, University of Bristol

Bristol, BS1 5DD, UK



I am a Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, the University of Bristol, and a member of the Visual Information Laboratory and the Bristol Vision Institute, which are led by Prof. David Bull. I have been involved in many projects across multiple disciplines, including telecommunications, biology, optometry, clinical sciences, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, psychology and geoscience.

Research Interests

  • Image analysis and enhancement
  • Image and video restoration
  • Image fusion
  • Machine learning
  • Inverse problem
  • Remote sensing
  • Medical imaging
  • Image and video coding

News & Activities


Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Industries

AI and data-driven optimisation methods have seen increasing success across many domains. They are also proliferating in the creative sector, influencing technology developments, delivery formats, creative design and production workflows. This project assess opinions, understanding and aspirations across our partner network and beyond, reporting on the opportunities for, and aspirations of, the community, making recommendations for targeted research topics, both within this project and beyond. This will be positioned in the context of global developments in this most rapidly developing field. Example projects in progress include intelligent contextual video enhancement, low light image enhancement and denoising and big database for high-resolution workflows.

Automated Alert System for Volcanic Unrest

Satellite radar (InSAR) can be employed to observe volcanic ground deformation, which has shown a significant statistical link to eruptions. The explosion in data has however brought major challenges associated with timely dissemination of information and distinguishing volcano deformation patterns from noise, which currently relies on manual inspection. Here, we present a novel approach to detect volcanic ground deformation automatically from InSAR images.

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